Monday, April 1, 2013

April is Poetry Month!

To celebrate Poetry month, I like to kick off my poetry unit with this WebQuest.  A WebQuest is simply a step by step of web links for students to go to.  In this Poetry WebQuest, students first watch a video of a young girl interviewing a real poet!  They then go to a few websites to read poems and research poets.  Student choose a poet to write about.  (Great for practicing biographical writing and including details!)  The WebQuest then leads students to websites and online games to help them brainstorm and prepare for writing their own poetry.  Students culminate the lesson by writing their own poems which they can then publish online (on a kid friendly poetry website).  I have even included the rubric I use with my students.  You can grab this fun WebQuest for $2.50 at my TpT store!  Click on the photo!
You can win this and other poetry resources at Rebecca Reid's Poetry Month Giveaway
How will you celebrate poetry month?


  1. Thanks for posting about the giveaway! And your webquest looks fantastic!

  2. I love webquests!!! I will have to enter Rebecca's Poetry giveaway :)

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    1. Good luck in the giveaway! I hope you had a great Monday, too!

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