Friday, March 29, 2013

Shared Storytelling

My family and I played a fun shared storytelling game the other night. We went around the circle adding anywhere from one word to a full sentence to the story. It was a great way to practice storytelling. I wish we would have recorded the story! Shared verbal storytelling is a great way for students to practice storytelling and get their creative juices flowing. They can think more deeply about the story elements because they do not have to consider spelling, neat handwriting, and all the other things they need to focus on when writing. Shared storytelling is also great for getting ideas from others. The story never turns out how you think it will!

Having just completed a 16 page character study unit (available in my TpT store), my mind was focused on the characters in our story. It was fun to see the variety of characters especially as we drew from other stories. The possibilities are endless when your main characters are a frog prince, bugs bunny, and frosty the snowman! The laughter really helped the creative juices to flow! It was a challenge to make one cohesive story, but the twists and turns were exciting. The teacher in me kept thinking how great it would be to have students illustrating this story. Every time someone else added to the story I was thinking of how the details changed my perspective of the characters.

Have you tried shared storytelling in your classroom?


  1. Cool activity!!! We haven't done a verbal shared storytelling, but we have done a writing project where each student gets to write a sentence.

  2. Yes! We do this all the time in my class. Sometimes we do it just as a speaking activity, and sometimes we do it as a writing activity. At Halloween, we wrote our shared story on a pumpkin!

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