Thursday, May 23, 2013

Read Me Stories App


My students love picture books and I find it is a great way for them to hear English words in context.  My problem is that in Guatemala there is not easy access to all of the wonderful picture books I would love to use.  I have found many great websites that read books to children, but the problem is that those require an internet connection, which we don't currently have in the school.  So, I went in search of an app that will read picture books and doesn't require an internet connection.  I found the perfect solution- "Read Me Stories"!

The app is free to download.  You can then access one free book in each set of books.  If you like the book you can then purchase the whole set for only $1.99.  In one set of fable stories I received 13 books for $1.99!  The app then unlocks one book in the set each day the app is used.  The idea is to foster a habit of reading.  I found there is also a way to unlock specific books, which is helpful since I want certain themes to read to the whole class.  I tried a free fable this morning with my Kinders.  They loved it (of course!) and begged convinced me to let the app read two more stories to them.  I then tried one of the longer stories with my 3-6 grade class and they loved the app too!  They especially appreciated that the story was read with expression and different voices for each character.  I can see how this app will help build their fluency and expression!  This app is definitely going on the iPads as soon as they arrive!

This app is availble for Apple and Android!  The books are offered in sets so that you can choose the level and concepts that fit your students.  Oh, and I almost forgot to add what impressed me the most! The stories use great vocabulary.  It provided a little extra challenge for my ELLs, but I can see how it will enrich their vocabulary.  The books are also interactive.  At the end of each page you can tap the characters to hear what they are thinking.  The characters like to ask questions to the reader, too! (They took my job as teacher!)  Ok, I'm going on and on.  Download the free app and give it a try!

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