Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Small Steps

We are still practicing our procedures and listening to the teacher. These first weeks are exhausting, but rewarding as I build relationships with my students. I am trying to focus on the small milestones we are making. We haven't mastered walking in the hall in a quiet line, but we are experts at centers. I love doing centers because my students are engaged in meaningful work and I get to spend time with small groups. Seeing the little accomplishments in each day is helping me stay energized and optimistic. 
So far this week we have accomplished drawing self portraits. We are also loving Pete the Cat. I took photos of each students shoes and plan to make a class book of us walking in our school shoes. I didn't tell the kids why I was asking photos of their shoes and they didn't ask. I think they just felt so special I was looking at their shoes. 
There is so much going on this week. I'm dealing with some difficult behaviors too. One cries for daddy, one is verbally defiant, and one is angry and lashes out... Your tips and tricks are appreciated. I hope you are of go a great school year and no matter the problems you are seeing the accomplishments.

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