Monday, September 2, 2013

I Pick and A New Blogger

It's been a crazy week.  I just finished my first full week.  No one can ever fully prepare you for just how challenging the first week can be.  I'm hoping to get a much more detailed post up soon, but I have more prep for the week to do on this beautiful holiday.  Here is one piece of prep I accomplished today:

I created this bookmark to give to my students when they finally get to pick their own books later this week!  As much as I have tried to choose books that interest them, my students know themselves and are eager to have control over what they read.  You can download these bookmarks free at my TpT shop.
I also have some big news this week!  I am welcoming my friend Katie to be a co-blogger on this blog.  We went to college together and she has supported me and encouraged me all along.  Katie began teaching in NC last year and has started teaching 2nd grade this year.  She has wonderful ideas and I am honored to have her sharing them here on this blog.  Keep your eye out for her post first coming soon.

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