Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hey Everyone!

First, my name is Katie. Second, I'm SORRY! Olivia introduced me a long time ago and it took me forever to post. This is my first blog ever and I am thankful that Olivia wanted me to share stories, ideas, struggles, highlights, and failures from my classroom.
 About me:
    My name is Katie and I am currently living in North Carolina, teaching second grade. It is my second year of teaching and I taught third grade last year. I have found out that when you switch to a new grade it feels like you are a first year teacher again and the exhaustion that Liv posted about earlier is relived. I recently got married and life is full of adjustments.

My school: is East Iredell Elementary in Statesville, NC. It has a dual immersion program that teaches spanish and it is in the lower economic spectrum. Great things are being done there with the amount of losses and cut backs we had just two months ago.

My classroom: has 18 students and no TA. When you step into my room it is about being a family, where we use our words to solve problems, use our manners when speaking to each other, respect is shown through our words and actions, and responsibility of becoming independent is key.
 I know this is a really long post so I'll stop and make sure I post again this week.  :)

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