Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Holding Each Other Accountable

This week I have been working on holding students accountable for their work. We are building stamina for reading and every day there are a few students who just don't want to read. Any students not reading during silent reading owe me reading time during the next class activity. They can't move on to anything else unless they read. Most students get right to reading and by the time the rest of the class has their book bins put away, the straggling students are ready. I have had a few occasions when I have had to keep students from their specials because they refuse to read. Slowly they are learning to love to read and start to complain when it is time to stop reading. I have also caught some of these same students stealing reading time during math and writing time! 
Students are also holding me accountable. When I give them a consequence they remind me. I told one student he had to spend five minutes of his PE time learning to walk and not run. At PE time he was quick to remind me he needed to practice walking. He was holding me accountable for the consequence I gave him. I'm now very conscious about the consequences I give. I know students expect me to follow through just like I expect them to. Again, part of teaching is modeling what we expect of our students. Setting these expectations during these first weeks is vital to having a great school year. I know spending so much time teaching procedures will start paying off in just a few weeks.
I hope you are having a great week!


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