Friday, June 21, 2013

Penguins in Guatemala: A Field Trip Adventure

This week we went on our last field trip of the year to the zoo.  The kids love to go to the zoo and it is actually a very clean and safe place to go here in Guatemala.  It's the rainy season here, but fortunately we didn't have even one drop of rain on our field trip.  We took advantage of the good weather and saw all the exhibits!  We saw everything from bears to capybaras to deer. 

The biggest hit was the new aquarium.  It is small, but well kept and new. 

The newest exhibit at the zoo is the penguins.  We walked all over the zoo looking for the penguins, only to encounter them on our way out of the zoo.  I was impressed with the viewing platforms that allowed for many people to view the exhibit at once.  My students loved getting up close to the glass and watching the penguins swim.  We arrived back at the school tired from all the walking, but we felt accomplished for having seen the penguins!


  1. Just found your blog through 3rd Grade Theatrics! I'm now a follower on all formats....bloglovin', email, and Google Friend Connect! :)