Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas Charity in the Classroom

The afternoon of our last day before break, my class went on a very special trip.  During the month of December, we collected candy.  Parents jumped at the opportunity to get rid of left over Halloween candy!

 Each student carried a grocery bag full of candy to a local soup kitchen.  We really enjoyed getting out for a walk!  At the soup kitchen, students went on a tour of the building and learned about resources they could take advantage of if they ever need a meal.  Then, we set to work stuffing the candy we had brought into stockings.  The soup kitchen gave these stockings to kids that ate at the soup kitchen on Christmas.

We also brought holiday cards made by our students and a few canned goods.  This was really just the beginning of our relationship with this soup kitchen.  My students were very well behaved.  They stayed on task and respected the men who live and work at the soup kitchen.  As we were leaving, my students asked, "Can we come back and help for Easter?"  I was surprised and impressed!  My students are developing charitable hearts.  They are getting out into their community and helping others.

My class was given this cute stuffed animal cow by the soup kitchen.  We affectionately named him, "Cowy."

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