Monday, January 20, 2014

Making Up For Lost Time

I feel like a bad blogger.  Sorry for not updating all weekend!  I'm thankful for the long weekend though!  Did you have today off?  We did and we needed it.  After coming back from three weeks of Winter Break, everyone needed an extra day to rest.  Our first week back started off great!  I think it was like the first day of school all over again.  Everyone was so excited to be at school.  I reviewed rules and routines with my little angels.  Well, then Tuesday hit and we were all comfortable with each other again.  Behavior issues started up and I wasn't sure the week would ever end.  Friday felt like the longest day ever.  But, here we are at the end of a three day weekend.  The weekend has come and gone faster than Friday seemed to go.

I can't promise I'll be a better blogger this week.  It seems like this is the week for meetings, my first formal observations, a field trip on Friday, grades are almost due, and it is our first official week of drama club.  I may be a new teacher, but I believe there is no better time to establish and advise a club.  The students and parents are excited too!  We had over 50 students sign up!  It is going to be a huge production!

My goal is to snap some pictures this week. I hope you have a great 4 day week!

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