Friday, January 10, 2014

When disaster strikes

What a week! Students still have not come back from Winter Break. They've been home for three weeks now.

Monday and Tuesday were snow days. When teachers went in Wednesday morning, we found what looked like a waterfall in one classroom, rain coming out of the ceiling in another, and the library flooded. We're in a very old building, so I'm not so surprised that five pipes burst during the worst freeze in years.  

Teachers have been working together the last few days to document damage, clean up, and relocate effected classrooms. One teacher lost everything and our modest school library lost half the books. The building had to be sprayed with chemicals so that mold does not grow.

As awful as this all has been, it's been great to see the staff come together.  We worked together to set up a classroom for the teacher who lost everything. We made it as comfortable and familiar as possible.  It's going to be difficult for those students to come back to all of their work ruined. Hopefully we can get the students to support and help each other as the teachers have been doing.


  1. Oh my - that is just terrible! What a mess. Sorry this has happened at your school.

    1. Thank you Sara. I hope most of the damage is repaired before students return on Monday. It's so sad to see a place we love in such a mess.